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  1. [Drosophila] [Zbrafish] PhD fellowships open call   Isabell Witt
  2. [Drosophila] anti-c-Myc staining   Anna Hitrik
  3. [Drosophila] Arthropod Genomics Symposium, Kansas City, June 9-12, 2011   Doris Merrill
  4. [Drosophila] Attachment factor for growing primary neurons from flies   Joan Sim
  5. [Drosophila] Microarrays, modelling and other distance courses   Heather Vincent
  6. [Drosophila] PhD and postdoc positions to study mechanosensation   mgoepfe from gwdg.de
  7. [Drosophila] PhD project in axonal degeneration   Isabell Witt
  8. [Drosophila] Position at Gene PreDiT in Cantanhede (Portugal)   Joana Branco
  9. [Drosophila] Postdoctoral position, The University of Chicago   Miho Matakatsu
  10. [Drosophila] Postdoctoral Positions in Genomics and Physiology of Thermotolerance Adaptation   Theodore Morgan
  11. [Drosophila] Why did you choose to study science? International Survey   Colin Hanbury

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