Looking for information about trade with endangered species

RobMartens robmartens at aol.com
Tue Dec 19 04:24:17 EST 1995

There is a CITES Listserver on the net, use the usual listserver commands
to cites-l at wcmc.org.uk, to subscribe send mail to listproc at wcmc.org.uk,
the body of the message is "subscribe", ( no quotes).  Or you can contact
Lesley.mcguffog at wcmc.org.uk for specific information, or search the net
for CITES related material.  I believe they have a web site; however, I do
not have a URL for it and I know they have an FTP Site at ftp.wcmc.org.uk.
Good luck.
robmartens at aol.com
robert.martens at aalas.org

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