1996 Benthic Ecology Meeting Announcement

Chris Finelli finelli at tbone.biol.sc.edu
Fri Dec 22 00:53:18 EST 1995

                   Announcement and Call for Papers

                     24th Benthic Ecology Meeting

                           March 7-10, 1996

   University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina 29208 USA

The 24th Benthic Ecology Meetings will be hosted by the Belle
W. Baruch Institute for Marine Biology and Coastal Research, the
Marine Science Program, and the Department of Biological Sciences of
the University of South Carolina.  

This year the Southeastern Estuarine Research Society (SEERS) and the
Gulf Estuarine Research Society (GERS) will meet with the Benthic
Ecology Meeting.  There will be a session devoted to SEERS and GERS
which will run concurrently with the sessions of the Benthic Ecology
Meeting.  Members of SEERS and GERS will be contacted by their society
program chairs with requests to submit titles/abstracts for this
session.  Registration for the SEERS and GERS session will be handled
separately by those societies but registration with any of the three
organizations will allow attendance at all of the sessions, breaks,
socials, etc.

    Larval Ecology/Recruitment
    Nutrient Dynamics/Production
    Benthic-Pelagic Processes
    Chemical Cues/Defense/Chemical Ecology
    Life History Dynamics
    Flow/Biophysical Processes
    Population Genetics

The World Wide Web site at <URL:http://marine.geol.sc.edu/> contains
further information and forms for online abstract submission and
registration.  All submitted abstracts will be available for viewing
at the WWW site.

For more information via email send an empty email message with the
"Subject: info" to: info at benthic.geol.sc.edu (NOTE: all information
available via email is on the WWW site).  

The preferred method of abstract submission is via a WWW browser on
the Internet.  Connect your web browser (which must be forms-capable)
to <URL:http://marine.geol.sc.edu> and follow the instructions.

Submission option no. 2 is submission via electronic mail.  To do
this, send a blank piece of email with "Subject: abstract" to
<info at marine.geol.sc.edu>.  You will receive a form and complete
instructions by return email.

Submission option no. 3 is for those without access to the World Wide
Web or electronic mail (but if you're reading this, you have email or
network access, so please use one of the preceeding methods!).

The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 2, 1996.

You must get a registration form via email, WWW, or paper mail in
order to register.  Registration must be returned via paper mail.  We
are not performing on-line registration (only online submission of

Cost of registration is $50 for faculty and postdoctoral students and
$35 for graduate and undergraduate students.  This includes your
badge, admission to the talks, socials and poster sessions, a printed
program, and a copy of the abstracts.

The deadline for early registration and submission of abstracts is
February 2, 1996.

No registration or abstract will be accepted without payment of the
registration fee.  You may, however, submit an abstract via WWW or
email before paying the registration fee - we will not fully enter it
into the database until payment is received.  The registration fee for
presenters (talks and posters) is due by February 2, 1996.

Thursday  March 7   8 to 11 pm          Combined Social     
                                        and Registration

Friday    March 8   8:30 am to 5:30 pm  Meeting sessions    
                    5:30 to 8 pm        Dinner break        
                    8 to 11 pm          Social and Posters  

Saturday  March 9   8:30 am to 5:30 pm  Meeting sessions    
                    5:30 to 8 pm        Dinner break   
                    8 to 11 pm          Social and Posters  

Sunday    March 10  8:30 am to noon     Meeting sessions    

For general information, online abstract submission, and registration
forms (please check here before calling or faxing us - thanks!):

World Wide Web:   http://marine.geol.sc.edu
electronic mail:  info at marine.geol.sc.edu

Fax:              803-777-3935

Specific questions can be addressed to:

Bruce Coull         coull at marine.geol.sc.edu     803-777-3940 projection equip.
Steve Stancyk       stancyk at marine.geol.sc.edu   803-777-3944 projection equip.
Bob Feller          feller at marine.geol.sc.edu    803-777-3937 socials
Judy Williams-Howze wmshowze at marine.geol.sc.edu  803-777-3925 socials, hotels
Dave Wethey         wethey at marine.geol.sc.edu    803-777-3936 abstract submis.
Dean Pencheff       dean at marine.geol.sc.edu      803-777-3936 abstract submis.
Tom Chandler        tchandler at marine.geol.sc.edu 803-777-9481 restaurants
Al Decho            adecho at marine.geol.sc.edu    803-777-6994 restaurants
Dennis Allen        dallen at marine.geol.sc.edu    803-546-3623 SEERS,GERS
Sally Woodin        woodin at marine.geol.sc.edu    803-777-4254 general info.
Chris Finelli
finelli at rocky.geol.sc.edu and http://tbone.biol.sc.edu/~finelli 
Marine Science Program, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC 29208

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