Klamath Lake (Oregon) ecology

A. Pasmur ajp3 at acpub.duke.edu
Wed Dec 27 22:22:16 EST 1995

I've just found out about a booming Alae exploitation business
in Klamath Falls Oregon, which purports to be the locale of a lake that 
fosters the growth of the best, most nutritional super blue-green algae 
(I forget the scientific name).  The main company there, Cell Tech, 
claims to be environmentally sound; I wonder however, how much so it 
really is.  
   What exactly happens to the constantly growing population of 
Blue-Green Algae in that lake?  Does the biomass just accumulate in 
piles at the lake's base, or is the Algae a fundamental trophic level
in the lake's ecosystem.  I'm curious about this because, for some 
reason, the biomass of this Algae in the lake is so tremendous that the 
company can idillically harvest the stuff ad infinitum (in an 
environmentally sound way -- which means they aren't disturbing the 
native ecosystem by removing its chief native inhabitant, the algae.  
This seems a rather specious claim, don't you agree?).  It's everywhere 
in the lake, and presumably it's so abundant because nothing is eating 
it or exploiting it in any way.  I find this hard to believe.  Don't the 
fish, nematode, invertebrate, parasite, bacteria, etc populations dent 
the huge cyanobacteria population?  What's going on this lake?
Please help!  I would appreciate any comments IMMEASURABLY...
Thanks so much,        A. Pasmur

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