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Thu Dec 28 14:12:20 EST 1995

Expiration:  30 January 1996

Position:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture's
National Wildlife Research Center has funding to
support a two year research project on nonlethal
avian repellent aerosols. 

Nature of Research:  Research related to the
project would form the basis of a Masters of
Science degree in the Department of Biology at
Colorado State University, FortCollins, CO.  The
goal of the research is to develop a strategy to
protect migratory waterfowl from hazards associated
with industrial evaporation ponds.  The research
project will focus on determining threshold
sensitivity to repellent aerosols, modelling the
dispersion characteristics of aerosols, validating
dispersion characteristics in the field, and
documenting the efficacy of deployment strategies.
Field work must begin in March 1996.  Prospective
degree candidates would apply for fall admission to
Colorado State University, and must meet all
academic standards set forth by the University.

For more information, please contact

Larry Clark, Ph.D.
National Wildlife Research Center
1716 Heath Parkway
Fort Collins, CO  80524
(970) 416-4503  phone
(970) 416-4501  fax

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