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William A. Schew wschew at ucla.edu
Thu Apr 4 12:34:14 EST 1996

Hi physiological ecology folks,

About 2 years ago I had an idiodic idea that there was a real need for a 
comparative animal physiology textbook that approached the subject the way 
most of us do nowadays....with an evolutionary and ecological perspective.  As 
it turns out, I wasn't alone....   I have recently begun work on a 
collaborative animal physiology textbook which will incorporate newer 
comparative views and methodologies.

I have two questions for those who are currently teaching comparative animal 
physiology or physiological ecology :

1.  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the textbook that you are using 

2.  What topics would you like to see incorporated into a new textbook?

William A. Schew
Diamond Laboratory
Physiology Department
UCLA Medical Center

wschew at ucla.edu

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