Squirrel Ecology

Pete Kluge pkluge at gac.edu
Fri Apr 5 02:29:34 EST 1996

Hi Everybody!
   My name is Pete Kluge.  I am a sophomore at Gustavus Adolphus College
in St. Peter, MN.  For my ecology class I am working on a literature
review project in which I need to compare and contrast how an
organism/organisms respond and adapt to its environment.  I have always
been interested in squirrels, and I would like to do my project on the
competition for food and space, etc... between red and grey squirrels.  I
have found one excellent source, but I need some more in order to
adequately complete the assignment.  If anybody has any suggestions as to
where to look next, etc... it would be greatly appreciated.  I would like
to focus on the Midwest, but any leads would help a great deal.  I look
forward to hearing from you!  Thanks!!  

                        Pete Kluge
                        pkluge at gac.edu

p.s.  Feel free to send your responses to me on e-mail if that is your
preference.  Bye.

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