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Newman Lab Newman_lab at qm.c-zoo.siu.edu
Fri Apr 5 02:31:47 EST 1996

I am a grad student writing a research proposal for a course in 
physiological ecology.  My proposed research involves the energetic 
rewards of sociality, and I want to measure the metabolism of 
hibernating marmots.  The hypothesis is that in harsher environments, 
larger groups will be favored because social hibernation serves to lower 
energetic costs on the individuals.  I was just wondering if anyone had 
some ideas for how to measure metabolic rates of hibernating animals in 
alpine environments buried beneath snow.  The best option I have come 
across is to use radio telemetry to measure heart rate and convert to 
metabolic rate, but I would appreciate any suggestions others may have.
Thanks for your time.

Tim Hadlock 
Southern Illinois University
Department of Zoology

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