Leaf area measurement technology

Larry Daley daleyl at ava.bcc.orst.edu
Wed Apr 17 01:41:28 EST 1996

To James Steward and all:

We have developed some instrumentation to do in vivo leaf spectrsocopy and 
fluorescence imaging.  These instruments also can measure any area in the 
field of the image.  If you send me your "snail mail" address I will send 
you some reprints.

best wishes

larry daley
Horticulture, 4017 ALS 4017
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, 97331-7304

On 29 Mar 1996, James Stewart wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
>    Our research group is looking for a new system for measureing leaf area 
> (particularly spruce and other conifers).  We are looking into several 
> scanner-based commercial systems, but we would also be interested in any 
> share/freeware which might also work well.  We are not looking for really 
> fancy image analysis, just total area, and maybe average length and width.  
> If you have some experience to relate or advice on software or hardware, 
> please reply to the address below.  I will post a summary of responses to 
> the list later.
>    Thank you in advance for your contributions.     - Jim
> #---------#---------#---------#---------#---------#---------#---------#------/
> James D. Stewart  (jstewart at rr.ualberta.ca)     Edmonton, Alberta
> Department of Renewable Resources                       T6H 2H1   Canada
> University of Alberta                                   (403) 492-6827

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