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neufeldhs at appstate.edu neufeldhs at appstate.edu
Sat Apr 27 01:16:07 EST 1996

Dear Ecology People,

        A colleague and I would like to purchase a portable infra-
red thermometer for use in the field.  As a botanist, I would like
to measure leaf temperatures, and my colleague, who is interested
in rattlesnakes, would like to measure snake and lizard temps.
        Is there anyone out there who can recommend a particular
model of IR thermometer that would be able to satisfy both our 
needs?  My colleague would like a high distance:target ratio, around
a 2" spot at a distance of around 10 feet (don't want to be too
close to a rattlesnake!).  I simply need to measure leaf or cladode
temperatures, but would like a smaller target area, of 1" or less,
but I can be much closer.
        We have been checking into thermometers from Omega, but if
anyone already has one or knows of another company, that would 
help us out immensely.  Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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