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End-tidal CO2 is one of the important parameters in assessing the 
depth of anesthesia, hypo- and hyper-ventilatory syndrome in 
laboratory animals especially in rats and mice. The device can 
also be used in monitoring end-tidal CO2 in experimental animal 
involving surgery. The instrument is ideal for rats and mice and 
it utilizes low air sample flow rates (5, 20 ml/min). The 
measurement is based on low pressure-high velocity principle and 
analyzes sample gas with infra-red gas sensor technology. It has 
also the capabilities of determining the respiration rate by 
counting the period from the wave pattern of CO2 concentration. 
The device can be interfaced with IBM compatible computer via its 
RS-232 option to provide automated data collection. Analog 
voltages are presented proportional to all measured parameters 
for chart recording or connection to a computer equipped with 
physiological monitoring interface and software. If you are 
interested to receive more information, please e-mail you street 

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