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need info: semicircular canals

kbonelli at capecod.net kbonelli at capecod.net
Mon Jun 10 13:17:25 EST 1996

Dear reader:

I am a physicist doing research in Psychology.  A structural anatomy question 
has come up concerning the 3-semicircular canals of the ear; in humans and in 

The 3-canals are known to be at right angles to each other; one "horizontal" 
and the other two making a 45-degree angle with the sagittal and coronal 
planes of the skull, in humans (Curthoys et al 1977).

The question is this:  Is this anatomical geometry the same in animals (dogs, 
cats, horses) as it is in humans?  The question has come up because of the 
erect posture of humans compared to the quadrupedal posture of animals.  Has 
the vestibular system undergone a 90-degree rotation in humans, or is it still 
the same as in animals?  I'm sure there is a simple yes no answer to this, but 
I am not near a major library, and I was hoping someone in comparitive anatomy 
would know the answer.

The question has an important bearing on the quest for the Structural Model in 

Any reply will be appreciated,  George Hammond   prep at unix.ccsnet.com

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