South and Central SOuth America Help!

Mike Hainebach A90854 at netman.eskom.co.za
Mon May 6 16:11:21 EST 1996

I am a zoologist from South Africa. I intend to spend a few years in South
and Central America. In this time I intend to involve myself in biological 
research and/or conservation projects in order to gain experience. What I 
need from you are any contact numbers, postal addresses or e-mail addresses 
of groups activeor soon to be active in these regions. I would be extremely 
grateful for any information you have to offer.

What I can offer:
Free and enthusiastic help. I am qualified as both a zoologist (B.Sc. Hons.)
and a computer scientist (B.Sc.) with three and a half years of commercial 
computer programming experience. Iam a fit, twenty four year old male. I 
enjoy human company but also enjoy being alone in the bush. I am diligent 
in my work andam an independent thinker offering constructive advice when I 
am able. I speakand write English and Afrikaans (reasonably similar to 
Dutch) well and  I can speakGerman. My Spanish is rudimentary but I intend 
to rectify this as soon as possible.

Please reply to this message if you are able to help or would like some
detailed information about me. I will be eternally grateful for any 
assistance at all.

Yours faithfully,
Mike Hainebach.
Tel (Home):     +27-011-706-4062
Tel (Work): +27-011-800-4118
Fax:        +27-011-463-3622
E-Mail:     a90854 at netman.eskom.co.za

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