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Dear Colleagues, 

I have received this notice about an interesting session that will be
at the European Geophysical Society assembly in Vienna during April
21-25, 1997.

Deadline for abstracts is 15 December 1996.
Please don't contact me - contact the convener
Convener: Frantisek Matejka <geofmate at savba.sk>

Thank you for your interest in the forthcoming EGS General Assembly and
its session HS6. The information on the assembly contains the open file
http://www.mpae.gwdg.de/EGS/EGS.html. The description of the HS6 session
scope follows:

   EGS session HS6

   Stomatal and canopy resistances in mathematical modelling of
   SVAT systems

   Plant canopies interact with the atmosphere through exchange of mass
   and energy. A realistic representation of transfer processes at the
   vegetation-atmosphere interface requires to take into account the
   canopy resistance as a physiologically controlled component of the
   surface resistance. Thus the canopy resistances for water vapour,
   C- and N- gasses are key features in improvement and development of
   soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) models. Although the concept
   based on the surface resistance remains too complex at present for
   operational use with limited data, this approach offers an opportunity
   for the progress in mathematical modelling of interrelations in
   soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum.
   This symposium will look at the results of theoretical and experimental
   studies addressing the measurement, estimation and parametrisation
   of stomatal resistances for leaf, plant and canopy. Results of the
   research  dealing with  relationships between leaf and canopy resistances,
   especially for sparse and heterogeneous canopies are welcome, as well
   as the contributions to better understanding of dependences of stomatal
   and canopy resistances on environmental factors and internal processes
   affecting the behaviour of stomata.


   Frantisek Matejka
   Geophysical Institute
   Slovak Academy of Sciences
   Dubravska cesta 9
   SK-842 28  Bratislava
   Slovak Republic
   Tel: +42-7-378-2663
   Fax: +42-7-375-278
   E-mail: geofmate at savba.sk


   Anders Lindroth
   Dept. of Ecology and Environ. Res.
   Swedish University of Agr. Sci
   Box 7072
   S-750-07 Uppsala
   Tel: +46-18-67-25-58
   Fax: +46-18-67-34-40
   E-mail: Anders.Lindroth at emc.slu.se

   Viliam Novak
   Inst. of Hydrology
   Slov. Acad. Sci.
   Racianska 75
   SK-830 08  Bratislava
   Slovak Republic
   Tel: +42-7-259-000
   Fax: +42-7-259-404
   E-mail: novakv at uh.savba.sk

Thank you again for your interest and assistance in advertising of the
HS6 session.

Sincerely yours,

Frantisek Matejka#026#

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