Looking for ginseng seeds (Panax quinquefolium L.)

Ahmed Gaballa agaballa at alize.ulb.ac.be
Tue Apr 8 10:48:33 EST 1997


I'm a post-graduate student Human Ecology at the University of Brussels
(Belgium), and I am currently doing some research at the department of
Plant Physiology on Canadien ginseng, the Panax quinquefolium L. This
research is part of an environmental program which aims at the introduction
of this plant in agricultural lands which are an environmental threat to
neighbouring natural reserves or otherwise sensitive areas. Extensive
laboratry research still has to be done on some of the relevant properties
of the species and of its suitability within this framework.

However, all off the commercial seed dealers that I contacted earlier this
year and december of '96, have let me down. Not one of them has been able
to come up with seeds of reasonable quality, within the time span that I
had set out for them. This leaves me with a whole lotta practical problems,
to say the least! I'm looking at either a lost year, or a new thesis
subject. Needless to say that after months of work on this project, I would
very much like to continue. That is why I would appreciate any offers of
ginseng seeds within the shortest possible period of time, so that I can
get on with my thesis. I don't need that many, just of good quality.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your kind cooperation! Please contact me  a.s.a.p.

David Michiels
Plant Physiology
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Paardenstraat 65
1640 St-Genesius-Rode

Email: jobogema at vub.ac.be

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