Gene Expression and Genetic Networks

Aleks Milosavljevic amilosav at guarneri.curagen.com
Wed Apr 23 10:51:20 EST 1997


Gene Expression & Genetic Networks Session
1998 Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing
January 5-9, 1998, Hawaii

You can also view this call for papers on the WWW:

We solicit papers and abstracts about computational methods in the
monitoring, analysis, and modeling of RNA and protein expression.  We are
now challenged with understanding how genetically encoded information is
transformed into dynamic biomolecular networks defining the organism in
health and disease.  This session will discuss gene regulatory network
models and new methods of acquiring and analyzing large-scale gene
expression data.

Examples of topics:

- Bioinformatics to facilitate collection or analysis of high-throughput
RNA or protein expression.
- Co-analysis of RNA and protein expression data.
- Databases of expression data.
- Phenotype - genotype correlation from expression data (e.g. disease,
transgenics & knockouts).
- Inference of functional relationships from expression time series
(development, cell cycle, response to perturbation).
- Incorporation of partial knowledge about molecular pathways and cell
- Modeling and simulation of expression data.
- Information processing in genetic networks.

Submission information:

PSB'98 will publish accepted full papers in an archival Proceedings. All
contributed papers will be rigorously peer-reviewed by at least three
referees.  Each accepted full paper will be allocated up to 12 pages in the
conference Proceedings. The best papers will be selected for a 30-minute
oral presentation to the full assembled conference. Accepted poster
abstracts will be distributed at the conference separately from the
archival Proceedings. To be eligible for Proceedings publication, each full
paper must be accompanied by a cover letter stating that it contains
original unpublished results not currently under consideration elsewhere.

All one page abstracts for posters should be submitted by Oct. 1. Please
send electronically to (in plain ascii text or as a Microsoft Word file):
altman at smi.stanford.edu.

Full papers can be submitted before July 7 by email to:
altman at smi.stanford.edu. Format requirements for electronic submission will
be available on the web page (http://www.cgl.ucsf.edu/psb) or from Russ
Altman (altman at smi.stanford.edu).  Alternatively, five copies should be
sent by regular mail to:

Gene Expression & Genetic Networks Session
c/o Section on Medical Informatics
Stanford University Medical School, MSOB X215
Stanford CA 94305-5479 USA

Gene Expression & Genetic Networks Session Chairs:

Barbara Bryant, Millenium Pharmaceuticals
(barbara_bryant at msmail.mpi.com)

Aleksandar Milosaljevic, CuraGen Corporation
(amilosav at curagen.com; http://www.curagen.com)

Roland Somogyi, National Institutes of Health
(rolands at helix.nih.gov; http://rsb.info.nih.gov/mol-physiol/homepage.html)

For more information on PSB98, visit the WWW page at,



** July 7 -- Paper submissions due for review.

** Aug 22 -- Final paper decisions announced.

** Sept 15 -- Camera ready copy of papers due.

** Sept 15 -- Early registration deadline.

** Oct 1 -- Poster abstracts due (after this date, posters will be accepted
on a space available basis).



Q1. How can my paper be included in PSB's hardbound proceedings?

PSB publishes peer-reviewed full papers in an archival proceedings. Each
accepted paper will be allocated 12 pages in the proceedings volume. Paper
authors are required to register (and pay) for the conference by the time
they submit their camera-ready copy, or the paper will not be published.

Q2. How does a PSB publication compare to a journal publication?

PSB papers are strenuously peer reviewed, and must report significant
original material. PSB expects to be included in Indicus Medicus, Medline
and other indexing services starting this year. All accepted full papers
will be indexed just as if they had appeared in a journal. It is too early
to assess the impact of a PSB paper quantitatively, but we will take every
action we can to improve the visibility and significance of PSB publication.

Q3. If I do not want to submit a full paper to PSB, but wish to participate?

Authors who do not wish to submit a full paper are welcome to submit one
page abstracts, which will be distributed at the meeting separately from
the archival proceedings, and are also welcome to display standard or
computer-interactive posters.

Q4. How can I obtain travel support to come to PSB?

We have been able to offer partial travel support to many PSB attendees in
the past, including most authors of accepted full papers who request
support. However, due to our sponsoring agencies' schedules, we are unable
to offer travel awards before the registration (and payment) deadlines for
authors. We recognize that this is inconvenient, and we are doing our best
to rectify the situation. NO ONE IS GUARANTEED TRAVEL SUPPORT. Travel
support applications will be available on our web site

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