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                    International Informatization Academy,
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             Scientific and practical Correspondence Conference
                         "INFUSORIA IN BIOASSAYS"
                         Preliminary announcement

     Dear Colleague!
     We are honoured to invite you to participate in our forthcoming corresp=
dence scientific and practical conference "Infusoria in Bioassays" to be hel=
in October of 1997.

Working languages: Russian, English.

                           Aims of conference:
- discussion of theoretical fundamentals of employment  of infusoria as test=
  objects in bioassays;
- dissemination of knowledge and exchange of experience in practical work;
- mutual coordination of specialists in protozoology, toxicology and biotech=
- learning about the late-breaking reports from the widely recognised resear=
  groups with the help of electronic means of communication.

                             General topics:
1. Theoretical aspects of employment of infusoria as test-objects;
2. Bioassays of water;
3. Bioassays of chemical substances;
4. Bioassays of fodder;
5. Bioassays of internal mediums of organisms.

     Please, send registration form in the organizing committee before June =
     The authors will be informed about their participation in the conferenc=
and financial expenditures before July 1, 1997.
     The articles will be adopted before October 1, 1997.
     Abstracts book will be sent you before November 1, 1997, if registratio=
fee will be paid.
     Abstracts must be in ASCII or MS Word for Windows format (the last is
necessary if mathematical equations are presented in your paper). Pictures m=
be included in MS Word for Windows document or presented in PCX-format. Numb=
of letters in each paper should not exceed 2500 ones. If the paper does not
contain ASCII-codes, it should be sent in UUENCODE-format.
     Registration fee will depend on the number of documents submitted for p=
lication, the number of copies of the abstract books you would like to recei=
and the shipping cost. Registration fee supposed is about $5.

                            Address for contacts:
Vinokhodov D. O., Post box 600, Lomonosov, Saint-Petersburg, 189510, Russia.
=46idonet: 2:5030/472.5
Internet: wb at tu.spb.ru   ;   aiv at tu.spb.ru
=46ax: +7 (812) 422-98-38
Please, duplicate your letters on all E-mail addresses if you can.

We look forward to your acceptance.

Yours sincerely
Dmitry O. Vinokhodov, St.-Petersburg Institute of Technology
(Technical University), Russia,
Conference Vice-chairman.


Scientific and practical Correspondence Conference          REGISTRATION FOR=
            "Infusoria in Bioassays"
                  October 1997                             Please, send befo=
                                                               June 1, 1997

                                              Internet address:  wb at tu.spb.r=
                                                                aiv at tu.spb.r=
                                              Fidonet address:   2:5030/472.=
                                              Fax:            (812) 422-98-3=
                                              Vinokhodov D. O., Post box 600=
                                               Lomonosov, Saint-Petersburg,
                                                      189510, Russia.

=46amily name:              First name:             Middle initial:

Mailing address:

Pastcode:                            Country:
E-mail network:                  E-mail address:
=46ax number:
Receipt address if different from above:

     I wish to present a Communication in Section (mark "+")
   Theoretical aspects of employment of infusoria as test-objects
   Bioassays of water
   Bioassays of chemical substances
   Bioassays of fodder
   Bioassays of internal mediums of organism

     Subjects of reports:
     I wish to place supplementary materials on WWW-site (Yes, No)
     I can to take part in editing of Conference materials (Yes, No)
     I wish to receive             copys of Abstracts book.

     The topic of the Conference is main subject of my work (Yes, No)
     I would like to take part in traditional form of similar Conference in
Saint-Petersburg (Yes, No)

Date: "   "               1997

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