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Jim Coleman jcoleman at mailbox.syr.edu
Mon Apr 28 14:30:35 EST 1997

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION available IMMEDIATELY to work on NSF-funded research
examining the causes and consequences of variation in heat shock proteins
(hsps) in plants.  Current research emphasizes the quantification of
metabolic costs and photosynthetic benefits of low molecular weight hsps,
as well as whether quantitative variation in hsp production is related to
variation in plant thermotolerance (see http://web.syr.edu/~biology/
coleman.html). The ideal candidate would fit one of the following three
scenarios: (1) Strong background in plant photosynthesis and ecophysiology,
with a desire to incorporate basic molecular biology into a research
program; (2) Strong background in the molecular or cell biology of hsps
(any organism) and a desire to merge that background with more ecological
and evolutionary studies of plants; or (3) expertise in phylogenetic
comparative analyses and an interest in applying that approach to examine
the adaptive nature of quantitative and qualitative variation in hsps.
Funding is available for one-year at Syracuse University with the potential
of a second year of funding at the Desert Research Institute in Reno, NV.
Salary in the mid-twenties. Position is still pending approval.  Please
send application letter, curriculum vitae and the names, addresses, phone
numbers, and email addresses of at least three references to Jim Coleman,
Department of Biology, 130 College Place, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
13244.  Phone: (315) 699-1465. FAX:(315) 443-2012.  email
jcoleman at mailbox.syr.edu.

Jim Coleman, Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
130 College Place
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244
Phone: 315-443-3748 (office); 315-443-1991 (lab)
FAX: (315) 443-2012
email: jcoleman at mailbox.syr.edu

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