postdoc position available

John Cheeseman j-cheeseman at uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 30 13:28:14 EST 1997

I am interested in hiring a post-doc interested in working on
photosynthesis, especially using mangrove trees as experimental
organisms.  The work will largely be laboratory and greenhouse based and
rather far from the nearest naturally growing tree, though there are some
possibilities for field work.  At present, my main interests in the area
concern the short-term regulation of photosynthesis (time scale of minutes
to less than an hour) and the relative overall contributions of different
mechanisms for tolerance of high light (for example mechanical,
xanthophyll related and anti-oxidant related).  Some work on other species
will also be expected though mangroves are my major interest at present.

This position would be funded by the Integrated Photosynthesis Research
Training Grant at the University of Illinois.  Because of restrictions
from the granting agency, the position would be limited to US citizens.  I
apologize in advance to the large number of qualified applicants from
abroad, but this restriction is not under my control at all.  The U of I
is an equal opportunity employer. The starting salary would be 24K+, with
a starting date in mid-August.

For more information on the training grant and research program, please
see:  http://www.life.uiuc.edu/plantbio/pstg/
For more details, please contact me directly:

John M. Cheeseman, Professor
Department of Plant Biology
University of Illinois
Urbana IL 61801

217-333-2385 (voice)
217-244-7246 (fzs)
j-cheeseman at uiuc.edu

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