Post-Doctoral Position Available

Dan Panaccione danpan at wvu.edu
Tue Jul 29 20:05:21 EST 1997

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Fungal Biodiversity and
Environmental Stress
Departments of Biology and Plant and Soil Science
West Virginia University
Jonathan R. Cumming, Daniel G. Panaccione, Joseph B. Morton, and
Jeffrey G. Skousen
We are looking for a Post-Doctoral Research Associate to complement
our interdisciplinary research team investigating the biodiversity and
physiology of ectomycorrhizal fungi from acid mine soils dominated by
aluminum (Al).  The Post-Doctoral Research Associate will contribute
to one or more aspects of our research effort to assess community
structure, genetic variation, and physiological mechanisms operating
in fungi isolated from these Al-rich soils.  The overall goals of our
research are to: (i) assess interspecific richness as a function of
soil Al; (ii) utilize molecular techniques in studies of isolate-level
genetic variation to assess whether soil Al is constraining population
gene pools; and (iii) investigate the operation of potential
Al-detoxification systems (extracellular chelation, biosorption, and
intracellular sequestration) and the capacity of these systems to
protect tree root function.  The position is available 9/1/97 and
funding is available for up to three years.  Starting annual salary is
$25,000 with comprehensive benefits.  Applications are encouraged from
candidates with strong backgrounds in one or more of the following:
fungal molecular genetics, biochemistry and physiology, or ecology.
Send curriculum vitae with a list of three referees to: Dr. J.R.
Cumming, Department of Biology, P.O. Box 6057, West Virginia
University, Morgantown, WV  26506.  Questions can be sent by email to
jcumming at wvu.edu or danpan at wvu.edu, or by phone to JRC (304-293-5201
ext. 2508) or DGP (304-293-3911).  West Virginia University is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.

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