Aquatic Macrophytes in the South-East USA

Kim Brown kjbrown at u.washington.edu
Thu May 22 09:31:04 EST 1997

Hi Steve,

Regarding your question on aquatic macrophytes, I did a summer internship
with the Environmental Science division of the U.S. Corps of Engineers
Waterways Experimental Station in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  The summer I
was there I worked with the "Chemical Control Technology Team", which is
the group that studies the control of [mostly exotic] aquatic plants in
C.o.E. waterways. They publish a number of publications about their work,
and contacting them might be a good place to start. I also think there is
a research group in Univ. Florida in Gainesville working on aquatic
plants. Good luck with your work-

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On 20 May 1997, Tim Kedwards wrote:

> I am looking for data on the biomass of aquatic macrophytes in water
> bodies in the South-East USA for some modelling work.  Ideally, I'd like
> information on a variety of water courses including farm ponds, catfish
> ponds, lakes, canals, streams/rivers.  I'm optimistically hoping that
> there might be something out there in g biomass/m3 water.  Can you help?
> Thanks
> Steve Maund

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