Woodlice study

mike at the-joneses.freeserve.co.uk mike at the-joneses.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Nov 29 17:23:22 EST 1999

Hi !

I'm a A-level student from England and i am conducting an 'individual
study' into the affect of temperature on the metabolic rate of small
invertebrates, specifically woodlice. Quantitative analysis was
using a basic respirometer and manometer setup. I have collected my
and wish to ascertain whether the results are plausible, and achieve
degree of input for the discussion aspect of my paper. I have observed a 
proportional trend between 10oC 35oC after which there is a degree of 
'levelling out'.

Is this to be expected?, and at near zero/sub zero temperatures, would
expect to observe a sharp increase in metabolic activity in response to
behavioural need to 'flee' the unfavourable area. Could anybody reading
this be so kind as to offer any input with regard to possible
explanation and
discussion points, clarification of results, or related internet sites I
could browse with relevant information,

Any help, would be very very welcome!



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