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Chuck Haas haas at drexel.edu
Mon Dec 11 17:00:15 EST 2000

Dear Colleague,

I want to make you aware of a recently launched journal, QUANTITATIVE 
MICROBIOLOGY.  The aims and scope of the journal are summarized 
below, and also I have included the home page (at which instructions 
to authors can be found).  I hope you will submit your work to this 
new launch.  If you have questions please e-mail me.


Chuck Haas
HOME PAGE:       http://www.wkap.nl/journalhome.htm/1388-3593

-quantitative description of microbial processes, such as growth, 
degradation, and die-off
-modeling of metabolic processes, particularly in indigenous or 
engineered settings
-quantitative approaches to analysis of new microbial methods
-quantitative descriptions of processes for microbial cultivation or
-quantitative assessment of risks arising from exposure of 
microorganisms to susceptible populations
-quantitative population biology of infectious diseases in human and
non-human populations
- description of interacting microbial systems (e.g., predator-prey 
or competitor systems)
-modeling of microbial `behavior' in environmental systems.

The journal particularly seeks papers which are driven by a desire for
practical application.  Papers will arise from a diverse spectrum of
areas, such as food, environmental, agricultural, and medical

Quantitative Microbiology will be published four times a year. Papers
will be accepted from all parts of the world. The language of
publication will be English. Submitted papers will be reviewed by three
referees selected by an internationally recognized editorial board.
Charles N. Haas 

Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering
Drexel University 

Philadelphia PA 19104
owner: ENVENG-L
haas at drexel.edu

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