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Postdoctoral position in ecosystem modeling at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 

We are seeking a postdoctoral associate who has experience with process 
models of terrestrial ecosystem biogeochemistry and ecophysiology. The 
person will be a member of a team of modelers and experimentalists 
investigating forest responses to elevated atmospheric CO2, changes in 
precipitation, ozone, and other environmental factors. Existing models will 
be calibrated and tested with field data from the Oak Ridge FACE 
experiment, the Aspen-FACE experiment in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, the 
Throughfall Displacement Experiment at Oak Ridge, and related field 
research. Goals of the work are model improvement and better understanding 
of forest ecosystem responses to environmental change. The position will be 
funded jointly by the USDA Forest Service and the Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory._ The person will reside at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory 
with occasional trips to Rhinelander. For more information about research
programs in Environmental Sciences at ORNL, see http://www.esd.ornl.gov/.
The Aspen-FACE Experiment is described at http://oden.nrri.umn.edu/factsii/.

Please send a letter of interest with a CV and references to the address below,
or contact me for more information.

Richard J. Norby
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bldg. 1059
P.O. Box 2008
<for express mail use: Bethel Valley Road>
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6422
865-576-5261; fax: 865-576-9939
rjn at ornl.gov

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