The National Phytotron

David Tremmel david.tremmel at duke.edu
Wed Jul 31 15:50:21 EST 2002

The National Phytotron at Duke University invites you to find out more about
our facility and how it might benefit you. The Phytotron is an NSF-supported
controlled-environment research facility on the Duke University campus that
is available to scientists throughout the U.S. It houses 48 controlled
environment chambers (of four different sizes) and six greenhouse units. We
have excellent resources - in terms of equipment, technical assistance, and
scientific expertise - to help users from a wide variety of disciplines
conduct experiments. We offer a full range of services, including experiment
setup, growth chamber monitoring, plant care, treatment applications, etc.,
so that off-site researchers can successfully conduct experiments using the

The Phytotron will be sponsoring a booth in the exhibitor section at the
upcoming ESA meeting in Tucson; if you're attending the meeting, please stop
and visit us at booth # 305. If you won't be at the meeting but are
interested in finding out more about the Phytotron, you can visit our web
site at www.biology.duke.edu/phytotron.

Best regards,
David Tremmel

David Tremmel
Assistant Director, National Phytotron

Duke University
Phytotron Bldg.                     Phone:  (919) 660-7415
Box 90340                           FAX:    (919) 660-7425
Durham, NC  27708-0340              E-mail: david.tremmel at duke.edu


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