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Will Cook cwcook at duke.edu
Fri Jan 30 13:33:13 EST 2004

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From: hormoz at tigger.cc.uic.edu (Hormoz BassiriRad)
Newsgroups: bionet.ecology.physiology
Subject: postdoc position available

A postdoc position is available immediately to work on a NSF funded 
project. The primary goals of the research are related to nitrogen 
uptake and metabolism under elevated CO2 conditions. The successful 
candidate will be expected to conduct research under both field (FACE 
and natural CO2 springs) and lab conditions. Familiarity with plant 
and soil N measurements including some biochemical knowledge of N 
metabolism is a plus. A working experience with elemental analyzers 
and plant gas exchange is also a plus. The salary is competitive and 
it includes benefits. The position will be renewed annually depending 
upon funding. Currently, there is two years of funding remaining on 
this project. Interested individuals should send CV and names of at 
least two references (preferably by email) to Hormoz BassiriRad at 
hormoz at uic.edu. Phone inquiries can be made at 312-996-8674.

Hormoz BassiriRad
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
tel 312-996-8674
fax 312-996-2805


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