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Could I please post the following faculty position opening on the 
Physiological Ecology server.  The closing date is the 19th of Oct, 


Paul Leadley

Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology

University of Paris at Orsay

The University of Paris at Orsay is likely to have a position open in 
2005 for a Professor of Plant Ecophysiology.  The position will be in 
the Laboratory of Ecology, Systematics and Evolution with a research 
group that studies the environmental controls of carbon and water 
fluxes at several scales (ranging from the cellular to the ecosystem 
levels).  The ideal candidate is an ecophysiologist that works in the 
fields of trace gas flux (especially CO2 and H2O at scales ranging 
from the leaf to the whole plant to intact ecosystems), chlorophyll 
fluorescence, or stable isotope mass spectroscopy (13C). 
Mathematical modeling skills at one or more levels of organization 
would be a plus.  The candidate is expected to participate in 
teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in general ecology and 
specialized courses in plant ecophysiology.

The position is a French civil service position and, therefore, is a 
permanent position that requires several years of post-doctoral 
experience. French citizenship is not required, but basic French 
language skills are essential. The application is a two-step process 
that requires an initial application due on 19 October 2004.

The University of Paris-Sud at Orsay is a science-oriented campus 
with approximately 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The 
campus is located on the southern outskirts of Paris in a pleasant, 
forested landscape (web site: www.u-psud.fr). Several laboratories in 
the near vicinity house additional expertise in the fields of plant 
physiology, remote sensing, plant-atmosphere interactions, and global 
climate models. More details on the lab are on www.ese.u-psud.fr. 
Please contact Prof. Gabriel Cornic (gabriel.cornic at ese.u-psud.fr) or 
Prof. Paul Leadley (paul.leadley at ese.u-psud.fr) for further 
information and assistance in preparing an application. This is a 
re-advertisement of a position initially opened in 2004.

Paul Leadley
E.S.E.  (Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution)
Bâtiment 362
Université Paris-Sud XI
F-91405  Orsay  Cedex      FRANCE
email: paul.leadley at ese.u-psud.fr
Tel: +33 1 69 15 56 93
Fax: +33 1 69 15 56 96
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