[Ecophysiology] PhD position offered in French Guiana

Damien BONAL damien.bonal at kourou.cirad.fr
Fri Jul 7 14:27:48 EST 2006

Please find attached a short description of a PhD position in ecophysiology 
offered in French Guiana. Could you post it on your list?
Best regards

PhD Position Available  Seasonal variations in CO2 and H2O gas exchange 
(LEAF : photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, TRUNK : respiration, 
transpiration) of canopy trees in the tropical rainforest of French Guiana, 
South America: interspecific variability.

We are seeking an individual with strong research motivations and good 
ecophysiology background to investigate the seasonal variations (wet vs dry 
season) in leaf and trunk gas exchange of abundant canopy tree species in 
the tropical rainforest of French Guiana, South America, in order to 
understand the origin of the strong seasonal variations in Net Ecosystem 
Exchange of this ecosystem (measured by the eddy correlation methodology at 
the Guyaflux site). This research will be mainly based on field 
measurements (in the Paracou tropical rainforest, 50 km from Kourou) and 
candidates should have a strong motivation to work outdoors. Experience in 
leaf gas exchange measurements is desirable.

Address: INRA, UMR ECOFOG, Campus Agronomique, BP 709, 97310 KOUROU, Guyane 
Française (French Guiana, South America)    Phone: 594 594 32 93 
00    fax:  594 594 32 43 02   http://kourou.cirad.fr/umr/)

Administrative status and salary conditions:
Position is offered by the French public research institutes INRA (Institut 
National de la Recherche Agronomique) and CNRS (Centre National de la 
Recherche Scientific), each bringing half of the fellowship, for 3 years. 
Monthly net salary will be about 1200 euros. Start in October-November 2006

Required qualification:
Master degree in Forest Biology or Ecology. Background in ecophysioloy. 
Strong affinities to work in the field (tropical rainforest). Working 
language can be either English or French.

Review of applicants will begin on July 10th, 2006 and will continue until 
a suitable candidate is found. Interested applicants should send a letter 
of application, CV, statement of research interests and contact information 
for at least one reference to:

Damien BONAL (damien.bonal at kourou.cirad.fr)
UMR ECOFOG, Campus agronomique, BP 709, 97310 KOUROU, Guyane française 
(French Guiana)

Dr. Damien BONAL

Forest Ecophysiology
INRA Kourou - UMR Ecofog
BP 709    -    97387 Kourou cedex
Guyane Française  (French Guiana)

tel :   05 94 32 92 87  (+594 594 32 92 87)
fax :   05 94 32 43 02
mél :   damien.bonal at kourou.cirad.fr
website : http://kourou.cirad.fr/umr/
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