[Ecophysiology] Water Stress, Osmotic stress, Salt Stress (MPa)

southdown5 via ecophys%40net.bio.net (by southdowns5 from gmail.com)
Fri May 3 16:54:44 EST 2013

Hi there,

I have a question regarding different units being used in plant physiology for measurement of different stresses

e.g 10 % of MPa PEG
        -0.3 MPa of PEG
           0.5 mM Salt.
why some people measure water stress in percentage other in MPa or mM. Are they interconvertible ?. if yes what does a 10 % of MPa PEG means ? what its equivalent in MPa ?

could some can elaborate the whole concept please and how to convert one unit to another ?

Thanks in advance.


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