What happened at Budapest?

Scott Pownall scott at sparc.brc.ubc.ca
Sat Oct 10 00:25:39 EST 1992

	I am interested in the presentations concerning somatic mutation given at the Congress. Did anyone go to those particular sessions?
	What were the details of results of Giusti and Manser`s work in which they created transgenic mice carrying various VDJ segments. What are the indispencsable regions 3' of the intronic IgH enhancer?
	Ditto for the work of Weber, Berry and Latham Clafin using a kappa ig transgene with an enlarged leader intron.
	Ursula Storb's abstract says the targeting sequences are being defined. How? And what is the story on Ssm-1, the methylation control gene, with respect to SM.
	Any other congressional (or non-congressional!) info regarding SM would be of interest.

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PS: Were they really that short?

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