krista.j.anderson kja at
Tue Oct 20 16:10:13 EST 1992

We are a bit overdue in this call for votes, so sorry about that.
The proposed group is for a place for allergy sufferers to discuss
personal experiences, like a support group, but not to give out
the kind of advice that should be given only by a medical
practitioner.  Articles with more medical content could continue
to be posted to and those about technical research could be
posted to bionet.immunology.  There is also an immune diseases
mailing list.

So, please *email* your vote to me at att!ihlpf!krista.  Posted
votes do not count.  Followups have been directed to me.

Any emailed vote indicating yes or no will be accepted.
Krista Anderson, att!ihlpf!krista

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