Shiv A. Prasad shiv at
Wed Jul 14 14:46:03 EST 1993

In article <ahouse-140793110837 at> ahouse at (Jeremy John Ahouse) writes:

>Maybe lots of low affinity (=? multispicificity) receptor
>bearing cells are kept in check somehow by numbers and cytokine levels but
>are given a chance for clonal expansion and recruitment in the TGFbeta
>minus animals and so we "see" these clones in this case.  hmmm...
>        Jeremy John Ahouse

Interesting hypothesis, especially if the low-affinity, autorx cells are
oligoclonal, and perhaps specific for a few housekeeping genes.  I'm not
too familiar with the tissue involvement in the autoimmunity in the
TGF-b k/o mice, but that might be a possiblity.


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