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Two additional points, as I tend to see them.

1.) Indeed, we know well that clonal deletion/anergy is created in the thymus
following educational events. We also know that the specific event is associatedwith cellular interaction on the molecular level, and not on the level of 
regional induction by soluble factors. Yet, we don't know exactly what keeps theanergic cells in the anergic state! It might well be that a certain minimal
housekeeping level of specific cytokines is needed systemically in order to
keep the anergic state. I see no real big difference between the immune
system and any other endocrine system in this respect.

2.) Another thing which can not be overlooked, is the possibility that the
APC's are changing the pattern of antigen processing. Thus, determinants 
that were previousely (normally) hidden (i.e.- unprocessed..) are now being
presented. If such determinants are self-associated, the cells specific against
them will NOT be anergic or deleted, and an erruption of an autoimmune state 
would result.

What do you think?

Sincerely, Benny Shomer.

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