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Robert Hutter hutter at
Fri Jul 16 16:19:34 EST 1993

Low-Cost and Rapid Document Retrieval Service

	Strategic Edge Information Group offers fast, extensive and
inexpensive document retrieval to corporations, individuals and research
centers. Same-day and 24-hour turnaround times are available at the best
rates in the nation. No order is too large or too small.

	High-volume orders or contracts are filled at an average of $5 to
$7 per article. For regular orders, the following pricing system applies: 

For 24-hour turnaround: $20 per every three articles plus photocopy and
copyright fees.

For Same-Day turnaround, orders must be faxed by 12 noon and will be
filled by the end of the day. Price is $27 per every three articles plus
photocopy and copyright fees.

	We have access to library systems in the Boston area, including
all documents in: Harvard, MIT, Columbia and New York University library
systems; the public libraries in Boston, New York City and Washington D.C.
We have access to many other information services on-line. What we do not
have direct access to we can obtain via the publisher.

	We confirm each order to inform the customer of those which might
exceed 24 hours to completion and get approval to process these cases. 

	For further information please contact the Customer Service line;
or to place an order, please use one of the following:

			Hotline: (617) 422-1595 		24 hrs

			Faxline: (617) 497-6737 		24 hrs

			Email:    serch1 at		24 hrs

			Customer Service: (617) 491-6162	9am-5pm EST

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