George Johnson geojohn at
Mon Jul 19 20:43:28 EST 1993

Did anyone happen to see the recent Nature article about a MHCII
dimer?  The crystal was resolved around > 3 angstroms, but they did 
find it as a dimer; alpha beta alpha beta.  Wasn't it interesting to
see CD4 associated in their cartoon as a "stalk between the leaves"?
We wondered if this was a crystallographic peculiarity--

Also, did anyone read in the may issue of pnas, the very intriguing
study regarding the use of circular cdrh3's linked by cys as an
alternative to the entire fab/fc?  We have proposed that cdrh3's
by themselves might be very important in determining fine
specificity.  It was really neat to see that neutralizing effects
could be seen (although 10-2 less) with just a LOOP, rather than the
entire Fc.


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