Immunology preprint service

Thu Jul 22 08:23:57 EST 1993

In article <CAIqIM.GJt at>, woodward at (Jerry Woodward)
>This sounds good to me.  So anyone wanting to submit a preprint would ftp the
>manuscript to a given computer, and then anyone wanting to access it could by
>ftp?  What about also posting our abstracts in the Immunology news group?
>If someone wanted the full article, they could e mail the author?

     The latter could start right now. However, having a formal site from
which one could ftp would be better. There should be some easy way of citing
papers deposited at the ftp site. Thus, if they never got published in the
paper literature they would still be published in the electronic literature.
     As suggested by another contributor, the ftp site could publish weekly
lists of deposited papers and those interested could ftp those they were
interested in.
     So, we need to find someone interested in setting up such an ftp site.

     Sincerely, Don Forsdyke

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