azide assay?

Jerry Woodward woodward at
Mon Jul 26 12:22:07 EST 1993

Fred Garbrect (fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU) wrote:
: Does anyone know of a simple assay for the presence of
: sodium azide?  We have many frozen antibody stocks, some
: of whom are poorly documented, and it is in some cases
: important to know whether they were stored in the presence
: of azide.  I'd rather not dialyze, etc., unless its really
: necessary.

: Thanks
: Fred Garbrecht
: Medical College of Wisconsin
: fgarbrec at
: 414-257-5053

	No, but I just thought of one.  How about setting up an E. coli 
toxicity assay.  You could do it just like they do the antibiotic suscepti-
bility assays.  Pour a lawn of E. coli, and place small discs saturated
with your samples.  This would have the added benefit that it would also 
tell you it there was some other toxic preservative present.

J. Woodward
Univ. of Kentucky

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