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Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Thu Jul 29 09:11:41 EST 1993

While I can't specifically comment on your question, I would
like to add a corollary.  My understanding is that the IgG
subtypes of mice and men emerged after the divergence of mice
and men on an evolutionary time scale.  That would suggest that
cytokine functional properties could be different between
species which could account for some of the species specificity
of cytokines.  It would also suggest that some of the cytokine
actions are a relatively recent phenomena in terms of evolution
and thus we should expect considerable difference between
species at least in terms of regulation of the immune
response.  This could give one caution in drawing too many
analogies between murine and human immune systems.
Just a thought.

Mike Kurilla
Department of Pathology
University of Virginia
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