Ask for the method(s) to find the void volume of Sephacryl s-400

b676771 at HPG50A.CSC.CUHK.HK b676771 at HPG50A.CSC.CUHK.HK
Sun Oct 1 22:06:23 EST 1995

   I am currently doing a research on the topic of acidic polysaccharides.
What I need to do is to find out whether the acidic polysaccharides purified
have any anti-tumour or immunological effect such as macrophages activation,
etc. I would like to ask how can I find the void volume of a column packed
with Sephacryl s-400, which have a gel filtration fraction range of dextran
from 10,000 Mw to 2,000,000 Mw. Can blue dextran be used in this situation?
I hope that if somebody has information about how to find void volume of
Sephacryl s-400, pls let me know by sending the information to my e-mail
address.(Richardli at (Richard Li)).

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