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Tue Oct 3 16:30:10 EST 1995

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>Subject: Allergy to Fragrances

>I developed a severe allergy to something found in many fragrances.  Do
>not think it is the "scent" part of the fragrance as I do not react to
>a particular "smell".  This ingredient is found in products ranging

I have been in the asthma business for some time now, and I never heard
about such a thing as allergy to fragrances, although several substances
in cosmetics can cause skin reactions, including allergy. To me, it sounds
like you have asthma for other reasons, and your bronchi react to fragrances
as to aspecific irritant stimuli.
We call this "bronchial hyperreactivity" or "hyperresponsiveness",
and it is a phenomenon in which mild stimuli, such as exercise, fog,
irritants, sometimes just a good laugh, cause bronchoconstriction.

>Medically little has been offered that helps other than avoidance.  I
>am looking for information on ingredients in fragrances.  I am also
>looking for any information on treatments that are available. 

Lacking a virtual stethoscope, I suggest that you look further for local
medical assistance. Your workout should include skin test for common
inhalant allergens, spirometry, bronchial reactivity testing, and possibly
patch test for cosmetics.

There should be a couple of alt.support.asthma FAQ around with information
on asthma and on the many remedies available for prevention and treatment


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