Seeking human/mouse Vbeta3+ T cell hybridomas

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Sat Oct 21 06:55:56 EST 1995

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> I would like to find a human Vbeta3+ T cell hybridoma that responds to
> both SEB and the streptococcal superantigen SSA.  A second choice would
> be a human Vbeta3+ T cell clone.  I'd also be interested in finding a 
> mouse Vbeta3+ T cell hybridoma as a back-up.  I would greatly appreciate 
> it if anyone could provide me with information as to a source, or if 
> anyone had a relevant hybridoma or clone that I could use.  Thank you!
Dear Kristin,

I dont know whether these cells have been tested for SEB/SSA reactivity,
but the AND TCR transgenic mice, specific for cytochrome c on I-E<k>,
from Hedrick's lab are Va11 Vb3 TCR transgenic. I am shure they also will have
a panel of hybridomas expressing Vb3.

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