Non radioactive cytotoxic activity assay

Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos ngpdoc at
Sun Oct 29 17:35:47 EST 1995

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jfrelin at MED.UNC.EDU says...
>There are a coupleof assays that measure induction of apoptosis using 
>staining, or PI staining and sfhits to less than 2N DNA content.  They 
>not as convenient or sensitive.
>Jeff Frelinger
>At 05:25 PM 10/18/95 +0000, Biology Skills Center wrote:
>>I would like to set up a non radioactive cytotoxic activity assay for T 
>>lymphocytes. Does anybody know a method (obviously not the traditional 
>>chromium release assay) that is sensitive enough? Are there companies 
>>some kit? I have access to a FACScan.
>>Thanks for any advice.
>>Pierre-Andre Chavaillaz

 Try J.Imm.Meth. (1994) 177:101-111 for a cytotoxity method,using a 
FACScan and fluorochromes easily obtainable from Molecular probes.
It is more sensitive than Cr-release and definitely more convenient if 
one cultures cell-lines on a routine basis


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