Study results in on new immunomodulator

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Fri Sep 1 11:05:51 EST 1995

In article <41u5qu$j46 at bubba.NMSU.Edu> Shahram Mori, smori at
>ANybody out there wanna start a debate/discussion on the function of 
>CD-8's in HIV infection? 
>Please post, so we can have a healthy exchange of ideas,

I would be most interested in this type of discussion.  To begin with a
clear definition of CD8 counting should be delineated.  Many people
conduct FACS analysis of CD3 and CD4 and CD8 and if they see an increased
CD8 over CD4 ratio they say that CD8 increase.  Absolute CD8 numbers are
a more accurate indication.  That said PB CD8 numbers may not mean much
more than PB CD4 numbers (see the latest flurry of discussion surrounding
the Ho findings).  Since PBL are only 2% of the bodies T cells
redistribution is a major concern and results of PB T cell counts should
be carefully guarded.  

Why do you think they remain unresponsive? This 
>could be an entertaining talk.

Could you fill me in on the data supporting unresponsive CD8?  Is it
possible that simply a decrease in IL2 is causing the CD8 defect.  CD8
make little IL2 and have been traditionally considered neccessitating CD4
T cells but little has been heard of in this regard lately.  In our hands
CD8 T cells from HIV patients are more highly activated phenotypically. 
We have not conducted functional studies however,.

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