Radial Myalitus

miner.s at portseattle.org miner.s at portseattle.org
Mon Sep 25 11:39:04 EST 1995

My 62 year old mother received a tetnus shot 9 weeks ago.  She began having muscle pain and 
soreness.  She was diagnosed with an enlarged spleen.  Her doctor placed her on pretesone  and pain 
killers.  After a 9 weeks of therapy there is no improvement.  She is now taking amoltriptoline which I know 
as an anti-depressant.  She is now diagnosed with Radial Myalitus (inflammation of the spine and 
nerves?).  Is there a “cure” for this?  Is this related to the tetnus shot or simply a painful coincidence.  Any 
information is appreciated.  

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