RAG locus in mice

Justin Reese jreese at cellmate.cb.uga.edu
Fri Oct 11 19:46:22 EST 1996


I am currently a grad student at the University of Georgia, and am 
planning on doing some RT-PCR experiments for RAG expression.  I'd like 
to use primers which span an intron, so that I can differentate RAG mRNA 
signals from signals generated from contaminant genomic DNA.  The problem 
is, I cannot for the life of me find the genomic sequences for RAG1 and 
RAG2 in mice.  I have found genomic sequences for over 10 species, but 
not mice.  I'm beginning to think
that this sequence has not been done in mice yet.  Does anyone know?  I 
have gotten the cDNA sequences for these genes in mice, and I've read 6-7 
papers about the RAG locus, but I can't seem to locate this information.  
I've also done computer searches for just about every permutation of RAG 
(and recombinase/ation activating/associated gene, etc etc).  

If anyone has this info, or knows of a way of obtaining it, please email 
me (jreese at cellmate.cb.uga.edu)

Thanks in advance,

Justin Reese
University of Georgia
Department of Cellular Biology
jreese at cellmate.cb.uga.edu

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