Common variable immune deficiency

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Wed Oct 16 23:24:01 EST 1996

Eric Miller wrote:
> Does anyone know any good resources on the Web (or Usenet) concerning
> common variable immune deficiency? My girlfriend's father was just
> diagnosed with it, and they need all the help and support they can get.
> Many thanks,
> Eric Miller
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Try taking a look at my home page (see below).  I have a list of
"Immunology Sites" that were helpful to me.  If you want information on
CVID, take a look at the WHO report on Primary Immune Deficiencies. 
Contact IDF (Immune Deficiency Foundation), they will give you free
booklets, handbooks, and local support groups.  A link to IDF is on my
list (I never can remember all the addresses).

If there is anything else I can help with, send me e-mail.

Sonia Vohnout
Support Group Leader for IDF in Arizona
e-mail:  vohnout at

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