HLA-DR alpha chain and polymorphism

Jeffrey Smoot jsmoot at cas.org
Mon Oct 21 11:54:22 EST 1996

salmen at ciens.ula.ve wrote:
> Hi
> I am wondering about the polymorphism of the HLA-DR alpha chain, if there
> is any polymorphism at all. Can any one help me in this subject, because
> I found some evidence in one paper published in J Immunol 1995; 155:5655-62
> and J Immunol 1995;155:1210-17.
> Thanks
> Siham Salmen
> Post-graduate student in Immunology.

This is an older reference but you might find it useful.

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TI   Differences in HLA class II alleles of isolated South American Indian
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CS   Southwest. Med. Cent., Univ. Texas, Dallas, TX, 75235-8886, USA
SO   Hum. Immunol. (1993), 37(4), 213-20

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