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"Dr E. Buxbaum" <EB15 at le.ac.uk> wrote:
>Cough syrup contains small amounts of Codein, wich is not very addictive 
>in the first place (it does not give a "kick", although it can be used 
>in substitution),
> Despite these facts, 
>codein containing cough medicin can be obtained only on prescription in 
>many countries (I was actually quite surprised to find them freely 
>available here in Britain). 

This is a very interesting and timely topic to crop up.  I couldn't
believe my eyes yesterday evening when Newsroom Southeast (UK) carried
an article on, of all things, cough medicine addiction.  It really
hadn't occurred to me that it was abusable.  I'd heard of people on
kaolin and morphine but not this.
One chap interviewed said that at the height of his addiction he was
travelling *600 miles a week* to vist numerous different pharmacists
for his purchases, and there was a woman who at her best was clocking
up 7 bottles a day.  At first I thought I must be confused and we'd
skipped forwards to April Fools day, but obviously this is actually a
real problem. 
A friend of mine's mother was, I swear, addicted to codeine.  In the
early 1980's she had suffered from meningitis and *ever since* had
taken effervescent paracodol  tablets.  If she for any reason missed a
dose she became really cranky and eventually nauseous and had to take
to her bed.  At first I had thought she just drank a lot of lemonade
until my friend explained !


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