Monoclonal antibodies from chicken?

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at
Fri Feb 21 20:40:12 EST 1997

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Content Jean  <jcontent at> wrote:
>Does anybody know a method for establishing monoclonal antibodies 
>producing hybridoma from CHICKEN?

To my knowledge, there is no suitable fusion partner for chicken
B cells. There is an avian fusion partner we once obtained from
a group in Japan (email me if you're still interested once you 
read the rest of this post) and while we were able to generate 
hybridomas secreting chicken antibodies of the specificity we 
immunized for, they are EXTREMELY unstable and couldn't be 
maintained for long because each subline threw off way too many
non-secretors to be practical. I should point out that we were 
warned of this problem by the people who sent us the line so 
it wasn't a big surprise for us. Mostly, we wanted to see how
much easier it might be to raise antibodies against human proteins
that aren't very immunogenic in rodents due to high evolutionary
conservation. Since chickens are much more distant from an 
evolutionary standpoint, turned out we DID have a lot less trouble
generating some of the monoclonals we were interested in getting
but since they're a nightmare to maintain we found it was easier
to just raise polyclonal antisera in chickens. You can get a lot
of serum from one chicken and it was just more practical to use
the serum than it was to maintain low-level secreting hybridomas
that need to be subcloned CONSTANTLY.


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