aldehydes and cross sensitivity

Betty Bridges bcb56 at
Sun Feb 23 09:34:39 EST 1997

There is increasing discussion and evidence that aldehdyes such as
formaldehyde and gluteraldehyde can immune disorders.  Darkroom disease
is one such disorder than has been connected with gluteraldehyde

One of the frequent consequences of Darkroom disease and other such
chemically induced disorders is that other often thought as unrelated 
chemicals at levels normally found in our environment start to cause
problems for many of these patients.  Exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke,
and perfumes are things that frequently cause problems.

Exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke may contain formaldehyde. 
Formaldehyde may be used as an intermediate in production of fragrance
chemicals, but formaldehyde itself is not usually thought of as
chemical in fragranced products.  However many other aldehyde compounds
including acetaldehyde are widely used in the fragrance industry.

Is there any evidence of cross sensitivity between aldehydes?

Thank you,

Betty Bridges, RN

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